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Racing Suit Alterations & Repairs Guide

Thank you for choosing FervoGear for your custom racing suit needs. We understand that even with regular care and maintenance, suits may occasionally require minor alterations for fit or repairs from wear and tear. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

Please follow the instructions below to ensure we can provide prompt, quality service should your suit need adjustment.

Preparation Before Sending Your Suit

To ensure your FervoGear racing suit gets the attention it deserves, please follow these steps closely before sending it in for alterations or repairs. This preparation is key to a smooth process and ensures your suit is returned to you ready for action.

Clean the Suit Thoroughly

Before packing up your suit, giving it a thorough wash is crucial. A clean suit not only makes it easier for us to assess and work on, but it also prevents the potential damage dirty suits can cause to our equipment. Below are the key steps to ensure your suit is ready for sending:

  • Wash Before Sending: Every suit that’s been worn must be washed before it’s sent back to us. This step is vital to prevent unnecessary delays and fees.
  • Prevent Additional Charges: We impose a $100 cleaning fee for suits that arrive dirty or soiled. Beyond the fee, dirty suits pose a risk to our equipment, potentially causing damage that affects our ability to service your and others’ gear effectively.

Taking the time to clean your suit before sending it for alterations or repairs is an important step towards ensuring a seamless service experience.

 Order FervoGear Suit Wash

Email Photos if Possible

Sending us photos of your suit can significantly streamline the alteration or repair process. These images give our team a clear starting point for assessing your suit’s current fit or the extent of any damage. 

  • Capture Key Views: Snap photos of yourself wearing the suit from the front, back, and side. These angles provide us with a comprehensive view of how the suit fits your body, highlighting areas that may need adjustment for an optimal fit.
  • Email Address: All photos should be sent to support@fervogear.com. Including your name and order number in the subject line can help us quickly match your photos to your service request.

Fill Out Our Request Form Completely

To ensure your FervoGear racing suit receives the precise alterations or repairs it needs, completing our request forms with as much detail as possible is crucial.

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  • Download Forms: You can find both the Alterations/Repair Request Form and the Measurement Form for download on our website. These documents are your first step towards customizing our services to your suit’s needs.
  • Provide Detailed Information: When completing the request form, the more details you can provide, the better. Whether it’s a seam that needs reinforcement or a zipper that requires replacement, your detailed descriptions help us understand exactly what your suit needs. This clarity allows us to work more efficiently and ensures you’re satisfied with the end result.
  • Update Your Measurements: Even if you believe your measurements have remained consistent, it’s important to take them again and fill out the Measurement Form. Bodies change over time, and even small differences can significantly impact the fit of your racing suit. By providing us with current measurements, you help us ensure the alterations made will suit you perfectly.

Download Our Measurement Form

Taking these steps seriously and filling out our forms thoroughly is key to a successful alteration or repair process. Your effort here translates into a racing suit that feels and looks great, allowing you to focus on the race ahead with confidence.

Shipping Address

Please ship your packaged suit and forms to:

FervoGear LLC

902 Houston ave 

Unit A 


Texas 77502

Be sure to retain your tracking number and invoice for reference.

What to Expect

Upon receiving your packaged suit and request forms, our tailoring team will inspect the suit condition and review your alteration/repair needs.

  • For minor repairs: We will complete the fix in-house and ship back to you within 5-7 business days.
  • For major repairs: If significant patching/reinforcing is needed, we may contact you with an estimate for parts and labor time. Turnaround would be 10-14 days.
  • For alterations: We will make the necessary adjustments to ensure an optimized, comfortable fit. Return delivery time is normally 7-10 days.

Rush services may be available for an added fee depending on our current queue.


There is no charge for standard repairs from normal wear over time. Minor tailoring adjustments are also complimentary.

You will be responsible for:

  • Major repair costs
  • Return shipping fees
  • $100 cleaning surcharge if your suit is received excessively dirty. We cannot service suits that are heavily soiled as this poses risks to our equipment and fabrics.

Payment is required before your suit can be shipped back. We accept checks, credit cards and PayPal.

For complete pricing details, refer to the Policies section on our website. Please reach out with any other questions. We are always happy to help however we can!

Contact Us

Phone: +1 (409) 404-0962

Email: support@fervogear.com

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM EST

Thank you again for being a FervoGear customer. We appreciate the opportunity to make sure your suit meets your needs for fit and function. Please let us know if we can assist further!