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Top 20 NASCAR Drivers of All Time

Auto racing has always been a thrilling spectacle, pushing the boundaries of speed, skill, and endurance. For the uninitiated, the world of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) might seem like just a bunch of cars driving in circles, but for those in the know, it’s a test of skill and mettle where heroes are made, and legends are born.

This article will guide you through the lives and achievements of 20 of the greatest NASCAR drivers of all time. We’ve sorted them based on popularity, wealth, pay, and their overall impact and skill in the sport. 

Now, let’s buckle up and take a closer look at these exceptional drivers who have defined and continue to redefine NASCAR.

Introduction to Top 20 NASCAR Drivers

We’ve compiled a list of the top 20 well known NASCAR drivers – a diverse group of individuals whose combined achievements tell the thrilling story of NASCAR’s growth and popularity. These drivers, presented here in no particular order, have redefined limits, broken records, and set new standards in the sport. They entertained us with their daring moves, impressed us with their driving skills, and, most importantly, inspired us with their passion for racing.

Now, let’s get to know them better.

Sr # Driver's Name Years Active Car Number Cup Series Championships Total Wins
1 Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1975-2001 #3 7 76
2 Richard Petty 1958-1992 #43 7 200
3 Jimmy Johnson 2001-2020 #48 7 83
4 David Pearson 1960-1986 #21 3 105
5 Jeff Gordon 1992-2016 #24 4 93
6 Cale Yarborough 1957-1988 #11 3 83
7 Rusty Wallace 1980-2005 #2 1 55
8 Bill Elliott 1976-2012 #9 1 44
9 Darrell Waltrip 1972-2000 #11, #17 3 84
10 Kyle Busch 2004-Present #18 2 63
11 Bobby Allison 1961-1988 #12 1 84
12 Tony Stewart 1999-2016 #20, #14 3 49
13 Kevin Harvick 2001-Present #4 1 53
14 Ned Jarrett 1953-1966 #11 2 50
15 Lee Petty 1949-1964 #42 3 54
16 Mark Martin 1981-2013 #6 0 40
17 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 1999-2017 #88 0 26
18 Terry Labonte 1978-2014 #5 2 22
19 Kurt Busch 2000-Present #1 1 34
20 Carl Edwards 2004-2016 #99 0 28

Now that we’ve introduced you to the formidable line-up of our top 20 most famous NASCAR drivers, you have a snapshot of the brilliant array of talent that has graced the tracks of NASCAR over the years. But the real beauty of NASCAR is in the details – the thrilling victories, the hard-earned titles, the heartbreak of near-misses, and the undeniable influence these drivers have had on the sport. And that’s what we’re here to delve into.

Each driver on this list has made unique contributions to NASCAR, leading to varied levels of success, popularity, and wealth. That’s why we’ve decided to explore our top picks in specific categories. This way, we can appreciate the different ways these drivers have left their mark on NASCAR, whether through their unprecedented winning streaks, massive earnings, popularity among fans, or lasting impact on the sport’s history.

Sit tight because we’re about to take you on a high-octane journey into the heart of NASCAR!

Our Methodology and Criteria for Selection

Assembling a list of the “Top 20 NASCAR Drivers of All Time” was no simple task, considering the wealth of talent that graced the tracks over decades of thrilling races. Our selection process was rigorous and multi-faceted, ensuring a holistic representation of NASCAR’s greatest legends.


The process to establish this list was a labor of love, involving hundreds of hours of research, including analysis of extensive race footage, comprehensive statistical data, and NASCAR historical archives. We consulted industry experts, surveyed fan opinions, and explored the cultural impact of the sport.

  •  For the “Best NASCAR Drivers in History,” we looked beyond the statistics. We assessed their racecraft, strategic insight, adaptability, resilience under pressure, and overall impact on shaping the sport’s landscape.
  • The “Most Popular NASCAR Drivers” selection was influenced by the drivers’ fanbase size, charisma, media engagement, and influence on pop culture.
  • When determining the “Richest NASCAR Drivers,” we scrutinized their career earnings, endorsements, business ventures, and additional income sources.
  • In the “Highest Paid NASCAR Drivers” category, we focused on drivers’ earnings from salaries, race winnings, and sponsorship deals during their active years.

We strived for accuracy and fairness in our selections. We recognize that with NASCAR’s rich history and passionate fanbase, differing opinions are inevitable. We aimed to honor the individuals who defined the sport with their remarkable achievements and magnetic personas. We welcome our readers’ perspectives and invite them to join us in celebrating these incredible drivers.

1. Mark Martin

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1981-2013
  • Car Number: #6
  • Cup Series Championships: 0
  • Wins: 40

Mark Martin, a figure synonymous with perseverance and consistency, is an icon in NASCAR. Although he didn’t secure a Cup Series Championship, his accomplishments are no less significant or impressive. Over a career that spanned three decades, Martin embodied the true spirit of NASCAR, epitomizing both the sportsmanship and grit required to succeed in the high-stakes racing world.

Martin’s legacy in the sport is not defined by a single crowning moment but by an accumulation of tenacious performances that made him a constant force to reckon with on the track. Consistent high finishes and an unwavering commitment to excellence marked his career. Whether battling for position on the last lap or fighting back from a poor starting position, Martin’s relentless determination was as dependable as the rising sun.

One of the defining traits of Martin’s career was his unwavering resilience. Like any sport, racing is filled with ups and downs, but Martin’s ability to bounce back from setbacks was truly inspiring. Even in the face of adversity, he displayed a fighting spirit that rallied his team and fans. This never-give-up attitude not only won him races but also the hearts of NASCAR enthusiasts across the globe.

Martin was not just a fantastic racer but also a mentor. Recognizing the importance of nurturing the next generation of racers, he generously shared his vast knowledge of the sport with younger drivers. His wisdom and advice have helped shape many promising careers, solidifying his role as a respected figure in the NASCAR community.

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of Martin’s influence and popularity is the fans’ reaction. Regardless of their preferred driver or team, it was almost impossible not to respect Mark Martin. His dedication, sportsmanship, and skill set an example for all, making him one of NASCAR’s true legends.

2. Lee Petty

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1949-1964
  • Car Number: #42
  • Cup Series Championships: 1954, 1958, 1959
  • Wins: 54

Lee Petty, the celebrated patriarch of the renowned Petty racing family, stands tall as a superior driver and a central figure who helped shape NASCAR’s trajectory. His multi-faceted role as an ambassador for the sport has been nothing short of transformative, ensuring his permanent place among the sport’s most iconic personalities.

Petty was a model of skill and composure behind the wheel. His racing career was marked by impressive victories, including winning the inaugural Daytona 500 in 1959, three NASCAR Championships, and 54 race victories. Each win fortified his stature as a masterful competitor and elevated NASCAR’s profile in the hearts and minds of fans nationwide.

Yet Petty’s influence extended far beyond the racetrack. He was a true gentleman of the sport, admired and appreciated for his sportsmanship. His demeanor was a study of grace under pressure; whether in the heat of competition or amidst the drama of a wreck, he always exuded a calm and respectful demeanor. His comportment set the standard for how drivers should act, inspiring generations of racers to follow his lead. Such noble qualities made him a crowd favorite, as fans admired his driving acumen and his character.

However, his biggest contribution to the sport may have been his role in shaping NASCAR’s early years. Petty was instrumental in NASCAR’s evolution from its humble origins into the high-octane spectacle it is today. His persistent advocacy for the sport helped attract sponsorship and elevate its stature in the broader sports landscape. As a result, he was as much a driving force off the track as he was on it.

3. Ned Jarrett

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1953-1966
  • Car Number: #11
  • Cup Series Championships: 1961, 1965
  • Wins: 50

Ned Jarrett, affectionately referred to as “Gentleman Ned Jarrett,” is a name that resounds in the annals of NASCAR history. Known for his extraordinary driving prowess and gentlemanly conduct on and off the track, Ned was one of the earliest drivers who put NASCAR on the global sporting map. His exceptional driving skills have bagged him two championships, a feat only a select few can boast of. These victories speak volumes about Ned’s mastery of his vehicle and his remarkable sense of timing and maneuvering on the race tracks.

Yet, the legacy of Ned Jarrett extends far beyond the trophies and victories. His humble personality, marked by a kind demeanor and sense of fair play, earned him the epithet “Gentleman.” Unlike many athletes whose fame rests solely on their performances, Ned’s popularity was fueled by his gracious nature and warmth towards fans and fellow drivers alike. His genuine regard for people and pleasant personality made him a beloved figure in motor racing.

With every fan he charmed and every race he won, Ned became more than just a car driver; he was a beacon of sportsmanship and a role model for many budding drivers. His humility and success amplified his appeal, making him a household name and causing a surge in NASCAR’s popularity across the nation.

However, Ned’s contributions to NASCAR did not end with his retirement from active racing. His role evolved from a participant to a guide and mentor. His broadcasting career, post-retirement, allowed him to continue influencing the sport profoundly. His insightful commentary and deep understanding of the game helped fans gain a more nuanced appreciation of NASCAR. By sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge, Ned helped shape the narrative of NASCAR, attracting an even broader fanbase and ensuring that the sport’s popularity continued to soar.

4. Bobby Allison

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1961-1988
  • Car Number: #22
  • Cup Series Championships: 1983
  • Wins: 84

Bobby Allison’s career in professional racing was one of great eminence, punctuated by notable rivalries, remarkable triumphs, and a zealous passion for the sport that was palpable every time he stepped onto the track. Throughout his career, he drove with an unrivaled tenacity that was hard to ignore.

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He was not just a driver but a stalwart of the sport, a veritable ambassador who wore his love for racing on his sleeve. His passion was infectious, permeating every corner of the racing circuit and drawing in legions of fans nationwide.

The competitive fire in Allison’s heart sparked several intense rivalries, none more renowned than his legendary battles with Richard Petty. The rivalry between Allison and Petty was more than just a thrilling spectacle for racing fans. It was a spectacle transcending the racing tracks, seeping into popular culture and significantly boosting the sport’s popularity.

These two titans pushed each other to the limit, driving faster, harder, and more daringly. Their fierce battles were legendary, audacious tactics heralding a new era of spectator-friendly racing.

However, Allison’s career was not without adversity. He faced personal tragedy, losing his son in a racing accident, and endured a career-ending crash himself. Yet, during these times, Allison’s true character shone brightest. Despite the physical and emotional scars, Allison’s spirit remained unbroken. His resilience was a testament to his indomitable character, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration to his fans and peers in the racing world.

5. Cale Yarborough

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1957-1988
  • Car Number: #11
  • Cup Series Championships: 1976, 1977, 1978
  • Wins: 83

The legacy of Cale Yarborough is intricately woven into the fabric of NASCAR as a testament to his sheer determination and unyielding grit. Rising to unparalleled prominence, Yarborough, with his relentless hard-charging style and bold, on-track maneuvers, carved a niche for himself in the annals of NASCAR history. He’s recognized for his remarkable racing acumen and indomitable spirit that made him a favorite among fans and spectators.

Yarborough’s legendary status was solidified by securing three consecutive Cup Series Championships – a testament to his relentless tenacity and unrivaled dedication. But Yarborough wasn’t just about winning; he was about how he won. He threw himself into the vortex of racing with an audacious spirit, displaying a daredevilry on the track that left onlookers in awe and adversaries in the dust. His bold strategies and audacious moves were thrilling spectacles, earning him a special place in the hearts of fans.

However, it was not just Yarborough’s exceptional racing that catapulted him into the limelight. The historic 1979 Daytona 500 marked a turning point for Yarborough and NASCAR. In a race fraught with intensity, Yarborough, locked in a fierce duel with the Allison brothers, ended up in a now-iconic fistfight.

This moment of raw, unfiltered emotion brought NASCAR into the national consciousness like never before, sparking nationwide conversation and bringing a surge of new fans to the sport.

Although controversial, the incident highlighted the passion and intensity of NASCAR, infusing the sport with a newfound dynamism that was hitherto unseen. It showcased a side of the sport that transcended the race track, highlighting the human element of competition and the raw, visceral emotions that it evokes.

Top 5 Richest NASCAR Drivers

1. Kevin Harvick

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1995-present
  • Car Number: #4
  • Cup Series Championships: 2014
  • Wins: 60 (as of 2023)

Kevin Harvick, a fixture in the NASCAR Cup Series since the dawn of the 21st century, has built a formidable fortune throughout his illustrious career. His path to affluence has been multifaceted, extending well beyond the cockpit of a high-speed race car.

Harvick’s reputation as a tenacious, skilled driver has earned him significant prize money and many trophies. But not just his impressive on-track performances have contributed to his wealth. Harvick has also successfully cultivated strong relationships with high-profile sponsors, turning his fame and success into a substantial source of income.

Companies such as Mobil 1, Busch Beer, and Hunt Brothers Pizza have been attracted to Harvick’s winning pedigree and his ability to reach a broad and dedicated fan base, providing him with lucrative deals that significantly bolster his earnings.

Harvick’s entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to create Kevin Harvick Inc. This venture allowed him to wear the hat of a team owner and businessman, providing him with another revenue stream. The organization has teams competing in several racing series, which brings further sponsorship opportunities, television rights, and prize money into Harvick’s portfolio. This diversification showcases Harvick’s business acumen, expanding his professional influence in motorsport beyond his individual driving accomplishments.

Harvick’s considerable wealth is a testament to his success on and off the track. His strategic approach to building his brand, maintaining powerful sponsorships, and operating a successful racing team makes him a standout figure in NASCAR. These elements combine to make Harvick one of the wealthiest drivers in the sport, demonstrating that his prowess extends beyond steering a car at lightning speeds and into the realms of sponsorship negotiation and business management. In this way, Kevin Harvick has secured his place in the annals of racing history and is among the most financially successful figures in the NASCAR world.

2. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1996-2017
  • Car Number: #88
  • Cup Series Championships: 0
  • Wins: 26

In the adrenaline-fueled world of NASCAR, drivers compete for more than just titles; they race for legacies that transcend championships. Dale Earnhardt Jr., despite never winning a NASCAR Cup Series title, is a testament to this reality. His popularity and racing pedigree have driven him to unparalleled financial success within the sport, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest figures in NASCAR history.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s on-track achievements are impressive, but his off-track ventures significantly contribute to his prosperity. His roles as team owner and broadcaster present a lucrative blend of business and sports. As a team owner in JR Motorsports, Earnhardt Jr. has nurtured promising talents, demonstrating his knack for leadership and business acumen.

His broadcasting role with NBC Sports allows him to provide unique insights derived from his extensive experience as a driver, deepening his connection with the audience. Each role supplements his income and extends his influence beyond the track.

Another contributing factor to Earnhardt Jr.’s financial success is his various business ventures. These include Whisky River, a chain of bars and restaurants, and a production company, Hammerhead Entertainment. These diverse investments have expanded his financial portfolio, strengthening his foothold in the business world.

Perhaps the most important aspect of Earnhardt Jr.’s wealth is his enduring relationships with sponsors. Throughout his career, he has enjoyed sponsorships from major brands such as Chevrolet, Budweiser, and Nationwide Insurance. These partnerships have not only padded his racing income but have also allowed him to become a recognizable figure, transforming him into a brand in and of himself.

3. Kyle Busch

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 2001-present
  • Car Number: #18
  • Cup Series Championships: 2015, 2019
  • Wins: 63 (as of 2023)

Kyle Busch, a household name in the world of motorsport, is renowned for his audacious driving style and a consistent penchant for emerging victorious. This relentless pursuit of success, paired with an aggressive approach on the track, has contributed to his reputation as a formidable competitor. However, this high-octane track performance is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the full scope of Busch’s accomplishments.

Kyle Busch’s mark is not just on the winner’s podium but extends to the very heart of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). His presence is palpable across the top three echelons of NASCAR, including the premier Cup Series, Xfinity Series, and Camping World Truck Series. This broad footprint allows him to tap into multiple income streams, amplifying his earnings substantially and far beyond the prize money from his multitude of race wins.

Moreover, Busch’s strategic vision is highlighted by his ownership of Kyle Busch Motorsports. Through this venture, he not only fosters upcoming talent in the lower tiers of NASCAR but also enjoys a share of the team’s success both financially and reputationally. It further cements his place as a significant stakeholder in the racing community.

Beyond his income derived directly from racing, Busch’s popularity and prominence in the sport have led to a plethora of endorsements and sponsorships. His marketability, coupled with his tireless winning habit, make him an attractive proposition for brands aiming to associate themselves with a champion.

The endorsement deals from an array of companies across various sectors have significantly contributed to his overall wealth, enhancing his financial standing and reinforcing his status within the sport.

4. Tony Stewart

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1999-2016
  • Car Number: #14
  • Cup Series Championships: 2002, 2005, 2011
  • Wins: 49

Tony Stewart, a celebrated figure in the racing world and lovingly referred to by fans and colleagues alike as “Smoke,” has amassed an impressive wealth throughout his illustrious career. His path to financial success is not just a testament to his exceptional prowess on the racetrack. Still, it also indicates his astute business acumen and charismatic personality.

Smoke’s versatility on the track is noteworthy, boasting triumphs in various racing formats, including NASCAR, IndyCar, and short-track racing. His fearless approach and a natural talent for understanding the subtle nuances of different racing formats have earned him immense respect in the racing community.

Stewart’s sheer competitiveness and fiery temperament have undoubtedly stirred up the spectacle of his races, making him a magnet for audiences worldwide. The significant fanbase he cultivated quickly attracted many sponsorship deals, each contributing a sizable portion to his wealth.

Stewart’s partnership with Gene Haas led to the formation of Stewart-Haas Racing in 2009, a venture that marked a turning point in his career. The co-ownership role at this NASCAR team allowed him to continue his involvement in the sport he loves. It provided him with a steady source of income, further bolstering his financial portfolio. The team’s success, fielding multiple competitive cars and securing numerous victories in NASCAR’s top series, has substantially increased Smoke’s growing fortune.

However, Stewart’s financial endeavors extend beyond his ownership of Stewart-Haas Racing. He also runs the Eldora Speedway, a half-mile dirt racing facility in Ohio, and owns the custom car-building company Tony Stewart Racing. Each of these enterprises brings in additional revenue, ensuring a steady flow of income even when he’s not personally behind the wheel.

5. Carl Edwards

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 2004-2016
  • Car Number: #19
  • Cup Series Championships: 0
  • Wins: 28

Despite experiencing an abrupt end to his racing career, Carl Edwards has accumulated substantial wealth through his NASCAR tenure, demonstrating high-stakes motorsport’s potency as a wealth-generating platform. Edwards had his racing career cut unexpectedly short, yet his previous success on the track has left an indelible mark on his financial standing.

His accomplishments were no small feat; his natural aptitude and tenacity as a driver consistently placed him at the top of the pack, and he was often in serious contention for the championship title.

Edwards’ consistent high-performance in NASCAR races had a snowball effect on his earnings. Each victory enhanced his reputation, attracting lucrative sponsorships from companies eager to associate their brands with a proven winner.

These sponsors provided a steady influx of significant financial resources, increasing his overall earnings. The presence of prominent brands on his racing car was a testament to Edwards’ prowess, and the substantial endorsements he received affirmed his talent and significant contributors to his wealth.

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Beyond the racetrack, Edwards also showcased understanding as an investor. He diversified his wealth by branching into other ventures, including real estate. Investing in properties can be a highly profitable enterprise if managed wisely. Edwards’ foray into real estate increased his wealth beyond his active racing years. His judicious investments expanded and fortified his financial portfolio, adding a layer of security to his wealth.

Top 5 Highest Paid NASCAR Drivers

1. Bill Elliott

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1975-2012
  • Car Number: #9
  • Cup Series Championships: 1988
  • Wins: 44

Bill Elliott, affectionately known as “Awesome Bill from Dawsonville,” has carved an enduring legacy in the realm of NASCAR through his extensive and triumphant career. With a remarkable combination of skill, charisma, and unparalleled popularity, Elliott’s earnings have transcended beyond his impressive track performances and championship win. Instead, he has flourished by securing high-value sponsorships and endorsements, solidifying his position as an icon in the racing world.

Elliott’s path to success began in Dawsonville, Georgia, a small town that would forever be associated with his illustrious career among legendary NASCAR drivers. From the early days of his racing endeavors, it was clear that he possessed a prodigious talent and a burning desire to excel in the sport. His relentless dedication to honing his skills propelled him to the pinnacle of NASCAR, captivating fans and sponsors alike.

Notably, it was not only Elliott’s prowess on the track that attracted attention but also his magnetic personality and unwavering sportsmanship. Fans were instantly drawn to his humble demeanor and approachability, transforming him into a beloved figure within the NASCAR community. Such immense popularity opened doors to lucrative sponsorship opportunities that further enhanced his financial success.

Elliott’s association with esteemed sponsors and endorsement deals became a defining characteristic of his career. His exceptional racing abilities and engaging persona made him an ideal ambassador for numerous brands, ranging from automotive manufacturers to consumer goods companies. Through these partnerships, Elliott’s earnings soared to new heights as he became a recognizable face in advertisements, commercials, and promotional campaigns.

Moreover, Elliott’s accomplishments on the racetrack amplified his marketability and bolstered his appeal to sponsors. He clinched numerous victories and accolades, most notably winning the prestigious NASCAR Cup Series championship 1988. This remarkable feat solidified his status as one of the sport’s elite drivers and further heightened his appeal to sponsors seeking a winning brand ambassador.

2. Darrell Waltrip

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1972-2000
  • Car Number: #17
  • Cup Series Championships: 1981, 1982, 1985
  • Wins: 84

Darrell Waltrip, a name synonymous with speed, precision, and sheer talent in the world of motor racing, was not just another name in the circuit; he was a phenomenon. This dynamo’s racing prowess was matched only by his audacious personality, which were key in shaping his successful career.

Waltrip’s exceptional talent behind the wheel made him a prolific race winner, enabling him to accumulate significant earnings over his time on the track. But his financial success was not only due to his talent for driving; it was also deeply entwined with his unique persona.

Waltrip had an undeniable gift for victory. His intense focus, strategic genius, and unwavering determination saw him win numerous championships and countless races. These consistent victories were not only a testament to his skill and commitment, but they also brought him a substantial financial windfall. The sport’s highly competitive nature and massive fanbase meant that the spoils of success were quite generous. In a three-decade career, Waltrip’s winnings on the race track placed him amongst the highest earners in the sport’s history.

But his prowess on the circuit was just one aspect of his financial success. Equally important was his charismatic personality, which was as magnetic off the track as his driving was on it. Outspoken and with a knack for capturing the public’s imagination, Waltrip was a popular figure in the media. His interviews were full of charm and wit, and he had an innate ability to connect with fans of all ages.

This natural charisma made him an incredibly attractive candidate for endorsement deals. Brands were eager to associate their products with his name, and these endorsements contributed significantly to his overall earnings. They further augmented his reputation, making him one of the most recognizable faces in the sport.

3. Kurt Busch

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 2000-present
  • Car Number: #1
  • Cup Series Championships: 2004
  • Wins: 34 (as of 2023)

Kurt Busch, the more seasoned of the remarkable Busch brothers, boasts a career in NASCAR that is as impressive as enviable. Since the inception of his professional journey, Busch has epitomized the essence of determination, talent, and skill, etching his name into the annals of the sport.

Being the elder sibling hasn’t been his only distinction; Busch has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to compete and excel in this high-octane world of professional racing. His knack for steering the wheel to victory has consistently placed him among the top competitors, resulting in many race victories that underscore his supremacy on the track.

Notably, he achieved the ultimate accolade in NASCAR – the prestigious championship title, a testament to his formidable prowess and relentless spirit.

However, the fruits of his labor are not limited to shiny trophies and the admiration of his peers and fans. Busch’s success on the racetrack has translated into remarkable financial gain. The NASCAR champion has earned a substantial portion of his wealth from his salary and race winnings, an income stream that rewards him for every victory, every top ten finish, every pole position he secures.

Yet, the fiscal implications of Busch’s career extend beyond the prize money of each race. His high-profile status in NASCAR, underpinned by his skill and popularity, has attracted an array of lucrative endorsement deals. From motor oils to clothing lines, Busch’s association with brands has significantly boosted his income, placing him among the top-earning drivers in the sport.

4. Terry Labonte

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1978-2014
  • Car Number: #5
  • Cup Series Championships: 1984, 1996
  • Wins: 22

Terry Labonte, aptly known as one of NASCAR’s ‘Iron Men’, established an enduring and successful career in this high-octane sport. With a career spanning over four decades, Labonte’s steadfastness and remarkable resilience are testaments to his nickname. His unique driving style, grounded in consistency and precision rather than pure aggression, set him apart in a field often defined by speed and daring moves.

The Texan racer, hailing from the small town of Corpus Christi, captured the prestigious Cup Series Championship twice during his illustrious career. The first was in 1984, an early but noteworthy achievement that placed him among NASCAR’s elite.

His second triumph, some twelve years later in 1996, reinforced his position as a seasoned competitor who had maintained his skills and honed them with time. These victories were not just personal achievements, but profitable milestones that significantly boosted his earnings.

Labonte’s unyielding perseverance and mastery behind the wheel led to consistent finishes in many races. Labonte’s consistency became a reliable fixture in NASCAR, often seen within the top ten at the end of a race. This steady performance led to numerous victories, each promising handsome financial rewards. Over the years, his cumulative earnings have made him one of the wealthiest drivers in the sport.

But Labonte’s financial success was not solely due to his prowess on the track. His charismatic personality and longstanding tenure in NASCAR garnered him considerable popularity, attracting the attention of many sponsors. Companies were eager to align themselves with a figure who was not only a successful racer, but also a fan favorite, and they rewarded Labonte with numerous lucrative sponsorship deals.

5. Rusty Wallace

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1980-2005
  • Car Number: #2
  • Cup Series Championships: 1989
  • Wins: 55

Rusty Wallace, a household name in the NASCAR world, was renowned for his bold, unapologetically aggressive style behind the wheel. His enthusiasm and passion for racing were the cornerstones of a glittering career that spanned over two decades, during which he emerged as one of the sport’s most lucrative earners.

Born on August 14, 1956, in St. Louis, Missouri, Wallace entered the racing realm fueled by an ambition that never seemed to waver. He cut his teeth in the American Speed Association before debuting NASCAR in 1980. However, it was in 1989 that Wallace truly etched his name into the annals of NASCAR history. His grit and sheer determination propelled him to his crowning achievement: the prestigious Cup Series Championship, a testament to his sheer talent and driving acumen.

Wallace’s career was not just a one-hit wonder. He maintained a staggering consistency on the race tracks, racking up 55 victories throughout his career. These victories were testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence and paved the way for his considerable earnings. Wallace’s winning ways made him a magnet for prize money, which he amassed with each victory lap.

However, Wallace’s earnings were not solely derived from his on-track exploits. He had a vibrant, larger-than-life personality that transcended the racing world. With his quick wit and natural charisma, he attracted numerous high-profile endorsements.

Renowned brands recognized his widespread appeal and sought to associate their products with his popular persona. These endorsement deals and his race winnings contributed significantly to his substantial financial success.

Top 5 Best NASCAR Drivers in History

1. Richard Petty

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1958-1992
  • Car Number: #43
  • Cup Series Championships: 1964, 1967, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1979
  • Wins: 200

Richard Petty, affectionately revered as “The King,” is a remarkable figure in the annals of NASCAR history, possessing a legacy that has transcended the sport’s boundaries and left an indelible mark.

His achievements on the racetrack are phenomenal, with an astonishing record of 200 victories – a feat that might remain unchallenged for years, if not forever. To put this accomplishment into perspective, it is a testament to Petty’s consistent dominance and sheer mastery of his craft.

Not only did Petty amass an impressive number of wins, but he also captured the prestigious NASCAR Championship seven times during his stellar career. This record places him in elite company, as only two other drivers in the sport’s history have managed to match this feat, further solidifying Petty’s status as a NASCAR titan.

Petty’s signature smooth driving style set him apart on the race track. His capability to deftly handle his vehicle and an intuitive understanding of race strategy rendered him a formidable competitor, often positioning him ahead of his rivals. In his prime, he seemed almost invincible, a juggernaut that drove with precision, intelligence, and an unerring sense of control.

Yet, what makes Richard Petty an exceptional character in NASCAR is his spectacular professional achievements and humility and graciousness. Despite his unparalleled success, Petty has remained approachably humble, fostering a strong connection with fans and colleagues alike. This endearing personality trait has amplified his popularity, transforming him into a beloved figure in NASCAR, whose influence extends far beyond the parameters of the race track.

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2. Dale Earnhardt Sr.

YouTube video
  • Years Active: 1975-2001
  • Car Number: #3
  • Cup Series Championships: 1980, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994
  • Wins: 76

Dale Earnhardt Sr., affectionately and fearfully dubbed “The Intimidator,” stands as a towering legend in the annals of NASCAR history. A figure who elicited both awe and controversy, Earnhardt’s imprint on the sport extends beyond the limits of his illustrious racing career.

At the core of Earnhardt’s reputation was his aggressive and relentless driving style, which has become almost synonymous with his name. A relentless force on the track, he approached each race with an intensity that matched the roar of the engines and the cheers of the crowd. His no-nonsense demeanor allowed him to navigate each bend and curve with a ferocity that often left his competitors trailing in his wake.

To Earnhardt, the prospect of victory was not simply a desirable outcome—it was an unwavering obsession. This win-at-all-costs attitude spurred him to clinch an astounding seven championships, a feat that cemented his place among NASCAR’s greatest drivers.

However, it was a feat that was not without controversy. His unabashed drive to win often sparked heated debates, and he was sometimes a polarizing figure in motorsport. Regardless of where one stood in these debates, there was no denying the efficacy of his approach.

But Earnhardt’s legacy extends far beyond his victories and the controversies they sometimes sparked. He served as an exemplar of grit and determination, qualities that have since become deeply woven into the fabric of the sport. His influence is palpable, echoing through the revving engines and the tire screeches punctuating every NASCAR race. Even today, years after his final race, one can still perceive his presence within the racetracks and amongst the throngs of NASCAR fans.

3. David Pearson

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  • Years Active: 1960-1986
  • Car Number: #21
  • Cup Series Championships: 1966, 1968, 1969
  • Wins: 105

David Pearson, frequently seen as the fiercest competitor of Richard Petty, was an extraordinary force in the world of racing. His well-deserved nickname, the “Silver Fox,” mirrored his racing strategy; he was known for being calculating, cunning, and patient on the track, much like a fox, waiting for the right moment to claim his spot at the front.

Pearson’s racing acumen was unparalleled, and his ability to understand the ebbs and flows of a race allowed him to adjust his strategies on the fly, keeping his rivals guessing and his fans on the edge of their seats. This nuanced understanding of the sport wasn’t something that Pearson flaunted; instead, it was reflected in his numerous victories.

Despite participating in fewer races than many of his contemporaries, Pearson’s impressive record still ranks him second in all-time wins—a testament to his remarkable consistency and skill. One could argue that his decision to run fewer races was another strategic move, focusing on quality over quantity. This approach allowed him to maintain a laser-like focus on each race he participated in, leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of victory.

Pearson’s legacy isn’t just contained to his track record, but also his extraordinary influence on the sport. He set a high standard of professionalism, patience, and strategic thinking that transcends beyond his time, inspiring countless drivers who have followed in his tracks. His three Cup Series Championships serve as a clear illustration of his tremendous talent and competitive drive.

But Pearson was more than just his accolades. His perseverance, unwavering dedication to the sport, and ability to balance fierce competitiveness with sportsmanship set him apart. His patient approach starkly contrasted the sport’s typical high-speed, aggressive style, creating a fascinating dynamic that kept fans riveted.

4. Jeff Gordon

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  • Years Active: 1992-2016
  • Car Number: #24
  • Cup Series Championships: 1995, 1997, 1998, 2001
  • Wins: 93

Jeff Gordon, a name etched in the annals of NASCAR history, is an indisputable icon in the sport. His driving prowess, charisma, and vibrant presence have contributed substantially to NASCAR’s rise in popularity, bringing in a wave of new fans during his career in the 1990s and 2000s.

With 4 Cup Series Championships and an impressive 93 victories, Gordon’s skill on the racetrack was simply phenomenal. He had a knack for finding his way to the front of the pack, often dominating races with his aggressive but calculated driving style. His ability to handle pressure-packed situations with calm determination was truly commendable, earning him a place among the sport’s greatest drivers.

But Gordon’s impact on NASCAR extends beyond his success on the track. His charismatic personality and approachable demeanor endeared him to fans, both old and new. He was often the first driver many new followers of the sport chose to support, with his #24 car becoming one of the most recognized symbols in NASCAR.

One of the most captivating aspects of Gordon’s career was his spirited rivalry with Dale Earnhardt Sr. Their head-to-head battles on the track, marked by mutual respect and fierce competition, were a sight to behold. This rivalry not only added an exciting dimension to the races but also played a significant role in expanding NASCAR’s fan base.

Gordon’s influence in elevating NASCAR’s status in the wider sports world is a testament to his remarkable career. He didn’t just win races; he became a global ambassador for the sport, bridging the gap between NASCAR and mainstream culture. His dedication, passion, and commitment to the sport had a far-reaching impact, resonating not just within the confines of the racetrack but beyond.

5. Jimmie Johnson

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  • Years Active: 2001-2020
  • Car Number: #48
  • Cup Series Championships: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2016
  • Wins: 83

Jimmie Johnson’s name will forever be linked with greatness in the annals of NASCAR. Johnson stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the sport’s luminaries with seven championships to his credit, including an extraordinary five from 2006 to 2010. His remarkable run of championships, matched only by the legendary Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr., cements his place in NASCAR’s pantheon of all-time greats.

Johnson’s calm, cool, and collected demeanor belied intense competitiveness and fierce determination. Behind the wheel, he was a master tactician, carefully planning and executing his races precisely. His driving style was a study of calculated aggression and strategic patience. He knew exactly when to bide his time and when to make his move, a trait that led to his unparalleled success on the track.

A significant factor in Johnson’s triumphs was his successful partnership with crew chief Chad Knaus. This dynamic duo formed a formidable team, demonstrating remarkable synchronicity and understanding. Their unique combination of skills, experience, and mutual respect resulted in a dominance that the sport had rarely witnessed.

Johnson’s era in NASCAR, often called the “Jimmie Johnson Era,” was characterized by his consistent excellence. He was a great driver and a phenomenal athlete who continuously pushed the boundaries of what was possible in the sport. His influence extends beyond his numerous victories and championships, as he set a performance standard that future generations will aspire to reach.

In the final analysis, Jimmie Johnson’s legacy is one of unrivaled success in the modern era of NASCAR. His name is synonymous with consistent excellence, remarkable dedication, and an enduring spirit of competition. He not only raced but also redefined what success looked like, etching his name indelibly into the fabric of NASCAR history.

Final Verdict

We’ve journeyed through the careers of the top 20 NASCAR drivers, each marking the sport with their unique contributions. They’ve redefined what it means to be a NASCAR driver through their wealth, pay contracts, skills, influence, and popularity.

Each driver showcased more than just their racing prowess – they brought passion, excitement, and a lasting legacy that will inspire future generations. These drivers are not confined to the categories we’ve identified – they have all, at various points, showing their versatility and tenacity on and off the track.

As we cross the finish line of this exploration, we pay homage to these racers. Their enduring spirit and determination have made them true legends of NASCAR. A salute to these drivers – the face of NASCAR’s rich history. 🏁🚗🏆

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best NASCAR driver in History?

Determining the good NASCAR drivers in History can be subjective and dependent on various factors, including individual statistics, influence on the sport, and personal preference. However, from a purely statistical perspective, the most successful NASCAR drivers of all time are Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt, and Jimmy Johnson. All three drivers have won the NASCAR championship seven times each. Furthermore, Richard Petty stands out for having won the most number of races for a driver, with a total of 200 wins​.

Do Nascar drivers get a salary?

Yes, NASCAR drivers earn a salary, but their income structure is more complex than just a base salary. The typical contract for a NASCAR driver outlines two sources of pay: a fixed salary negotiated before the season and a percentage of the prize money from races. However, teams depend upon sponsor money for 50-80% of their budget, and the rest of the funding primarily comes from race purses​.

The better drivers usually attract more lucrative sponsorship deals, which allows team owners to afford a larger share of the purse. For example, a financial services website reported that Kyle Busch’s salary in his final season at Joe Gibbs Racing was a NASCAR-best $16.9 million​.

In addition to their salary and race winnings, NASCAR best drivers can earn income from other sources. These sources can range from endorsing contracts, to running their series, or even owning part of a racing team. For instance, one of NASCAR’s top talents, Kyle Larson, runs his own dirt-track series, while Denny Hamlin, another one of NASCAR’s elite, co-owns a piece of 23XI Racing.

Who is driving the 1 car in NASCAR?

s of 2023, Ross Chastain assumes the role of the driver for the #1 car under the team Trackhouse Racing in the NASCAR racing series. Trackhouse Racing is a prominent organization that competes in NASCAR, showcasing its prowess on various renowned tracks across the United States. Ross Chastain, an accomplished driver, has earned the opportunity to pilot the #1 car, a position of great responsibility and prestige within the team.

How did NASCAR pick the top 75 drivers?

In celebration of its 50th anniversary in 1998, NASCAR gathered a panel to select the “50 Greatest NASCAR Drivers of All Time.” This decision was partly inspired by the NBA’s choice to select the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History on its 50th anniversary. An independent group of 51 individuals representing various NASCAR roles were asked to give their objective and educated opinions on the 50 greatest drivers in NASCAR history​.

Then, in 2023, as part of its 75th-anniversary celebration, NASCAR announced it would add 25 names to the list, bringing the total to 75​. The specific process for this addition hasn’t been detailed, but it’s likely similar to the 1998 process, involving a panel of knowledgeable individuals from various roles within the NASCAR community.

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