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Understanding Your Rights

Understanding Your Rights

At FervoGear, we are fervently committed to our customer’s satisfaction, believing in building and fostering a relationship rooted in trust, reliability, and understanding. 

We are fully aware of the rights that protect consumers, and it is of utmost importance to us that you are knowledgeable about these rights when you purchase from our store. One such vital right, the right of withdrawal, is ingrained in our business practices and our commitment to you. 

This right, specified under articles 52 and following Legislative Decree no. 206/2005, grants you the power to withdraw from a purchase agreement, providing you with the peace of mind and freedom to shop with us.

Exercising Your Right of Withdrawal

Understanding and exercising your right to withdraw should be a smooth process. Let’s break down the steps for you to ensure your online shopping experience is as effortless as possible:

  1. Case Initiation: The process begins with you. If you decide you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, start by initiating a case on our website. Access the order form associated with the Sale Contract you intend to withdraw from. This step is crucial as it provides us with the relevant information to expedite your case.
  2. Declaring Your Intent: In your case, you must express your intention to exercise your right of withdrawal. Clearly state your objective and provide the required details to open the case. This helps us understand your needs better and expedites the entire process.

Obligations Upon Withdrawal

Once you have exercised your right of withdrawal, there are certain obligations and assurances from both parties:

  1. Product Return: We expect you to return the purchased products within 14 working days from the date you notified us of your intention to withdraw. Your adherence to this timeline helps us process your refund swiftly.
  2. Return Shipping Costs: As part of the withdrawal process, you will bear all costs associated with the product return. This includes any shipping or handling costs that may be incurred during the return.
  3. Reimbursement: Upon receiving your withdrawal notification, we at FervoGear are committed to reimbursing the product price and any original shipping costs without any undue delay, and definitely within 14 days from receiving your withdrawal notice. However, we may choose to withhold the refund until we have received and inspected the returned goods to ensure they comply with our quality standards.

Reimbursement Process

As we strive towards a fair and efficient resolution, there are certain things to be aware of in terms of reimbursement:

  1. Payment Method: We will refund using the same payment method you initially used for the purchase. This is to ensure the reimbursement process is smooth and easy for you. In cases of foreign bank transfers, we may need to request further details, such as your bank account information (IBAN and account holder details) to facilitate the refund.
  2. Quality Assurance: At FervoGear, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Therefore, we may choose to initiate the refund only after receiving the returned goods and conducting a thorough quality check. This is to ensure the returned items are in compliance with our quality and integrity conditions.

In exercising your right of withdrawal, be sure to follow the above methods and terms strictly. If these terms are not adhered to, unfortunately, a product refund may not be possible.

Your Trust, Our Commitment

At the heart of FervoGear’s ethos is a promise of trust, quality, and commitment to your 

satisfaction. We hope that our Right of Withdrawal policy empowers you to make informed decisions and enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

We are grateful for the trust you have in us, and we strive to strengthen our relationship with you by offering quality custom racing suits tailored to your adventure needs.

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We understand that shopping online is a matter of trust, and we strive to uphold your trust in us. That’s why we want to ensure your shopping experience with FervoGear is seamless and satisfying. Our right of withdrawal-policy will give you the peace of mind to enjoy shopping with us.

Thank you for choosing FervoGear, and we look forward to providing you with the highest quality custom racing suit for your adventure needs. 

If you need further assistance or have queries regarding our right to withdraw, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Your satisfaction remains our topmost priority.