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Kyle Larson – Net Worth, Wife, Height, Stats, Age, Car

Kyle Larson, a highly skilled professional auto racing driver of American nationality, born on the 31st of July in the year of our Lord 1992, has managed to establish a prominent reputation for himself within the elite echelons of the NASCAR Cup Series. His vehicular craft is executed with great precision and finesse as he fearlessly pilots the No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, representing the esteemed racing entity Hendrick Motorsports. He has also dabbled in competitive participation within the NASCAR Xfinity Series, albeit to a lesser extent.

A highly decorated driver, Larson’s impressive racing resume boasts 20 Cup race victories and many qualifications for the NASCAR Playoffs, thus firmly cementing his status as a highly skilled and successful racing savant.

Larson’s spectacular victory at the Phoenix Raceway during the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series Championship is significant. This resounding triumph left spectators in awe of his mastery behind the wheel. It would be no exaggeration to assert that his future in the world of auto racing is indeed quite promising and bright, a fact that is eagerly anticipated and closely monitored by racing enthusiasts worldwide.

Education and Early Career 

In pursuit of an education and a fruitful career, Larson partook in both athletic and racing endeavors during his tenure at Elk Grove High School, earning a notable reputation in these fields. In his attempts to reach the pinnacle of racing success, Larson competed in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series and made the Rookie of the Year title in 2010.

With his sights set even higher, Larson advanced to the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East and West in 2011, where he garnered his first victory in 2012. Larson continued his upward trajectory by debuting in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in 2013, where he operated under the tutelage of Turner Scott Motorsports.

Professional Racing Career

1. Sprint Cars and K&N Pro Series East (2011-2012)

Kyle Larson’s racing career started to gain traction in 2011 when he began competing in the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series. During this time, Larson showcased his natural talent, earning multiple podium finishes and garnering attention from prominent figures in the racing world. 

His success in the sprint car series provided him with a solid foundation and enabled him tomake the transition to stock car racing.

In 2012, Larson signed with Turner Scott Motorsports and entered the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, a developmental series that helps groom young drivers for future success in NASCAR’s top tiers. Larson’s impact was immediate and profound, winning his first race at Gresham Motorsports Park in Jefferson, Georgia. 

Throughout the season, Larson continued to impress with his consistent performances and ability to adapt to tracks and racing conditions. His efforts were rewarded when he won the 2012 K&N Pro Series East Championship and the NASCAR Rookie of the Year award.

2. NASCAR Xfinity Series: Stepping Up the Ladder (2013)

In 2013, Larson’s career continued progressing as he moved up to the NASCAR Nationwide Series, now known as the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Driving the No. 32 Chevrolet Camaro for Turner Scott Motorsports, Larson quickly demonstrated that he could compete against more experienced drivers.

His first full season in the series saw him claim nine top-five finishes and seventeen top-ten finishes, earning him the 2013 NASCAR Nationwide Series Rookie of the Year award.

3. NASCAR Cup Series: Joining Chip Ganassi Racing (2014-2015)

In our Lord 2014, Kyle Larson did embark on a journey of great import, ascending to the uppermost echelon of NASCAR, joining the esteemed Chip Ganassi Racing team to steer the noble No. 42 Chevrolet SS. This was a crucial step for the young Larson, for he was now granted the privilege to contend with the finest drivers in the realm in NASCAR’s premier racing series.

The maiden season of Larson in the Cup Series bore witness to his swift adaptation to the daunting challenges of the highest level of racing. He earned eight top-five finishes and a staggering seventeen top-ten finishes through sheer consistency and alacrity. His performances were commendable enough to warrant him the coveted accolade of the 2014 NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year. 

Though the young Larson did not secure any victories in his inaugural season, he was able to showcase his immense potential and thus garnered the reverence of his fellow competitors.

In the year of our Lord 2015, Larson further honed his abilities in the Cup Series. Although the season proved fruitless in terms of victory, he was still able to attain ten top-ten finishes, which included two second-place finishes at the hallowed grounds of the Auto Club Speedway and Kansas Speedway. 

His constancy enabled him to finish nineteenth in the overall standings, cementing his reputation as a rising star in the NASCAR Cup Series.

The tenure of Larson with the Chip Ganassi Racing team during the seasons of 2014-2015 laid the foundation for his future success in the NASCAR Cup Series. His ability to acquire knowledge with rapidity and exhibit stellar performance allowed him to establish himself as a formidable contender. It thus paved the way for his momentous triumph in the year of our Lord 2016.

4. Breakthrough Victory and Rising Stardom (2016)

By 2016, Kyle Larson had proven himself a formidable stock car racing talent. Having joined Chip Ganassi Racing in 2013, Larson entered the NASCAR Cup Series, the pinnacle of stock car racing in the United States. Despite flashes of brilliance in his first few seasons, Larson was yet to secure a Cup Series victory.

This changed on August 28, 2016, when Larson outlasted the competition at the Pure Michigan 400, claiming his maiden NASCAR Cup Series win. This victory was a significant milestone in Larson’s career, as it demonstrated his ability to compete against the best drivers in the sport and secured his spot in the 2016 NASCAR playoffs. 

His success in 2016 helped elevate his status within NASCAR and solidified his place as a rising star in the sport.

5. Career Highs and Consistent Performances (2017-2018)

In 2017, Kyle Larson continued to build on his previous success, further solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the NASCAR Cup Series. 

Larson secured four Cup Series victories that year: the Auto Club 400, the FireKeepers Casino 400, the Federated Auto Parts 400, and the First Data 500. 

His impressive performances throughout the season earned him a career-best eighth-place finish in the final Cup Series standings.

The 2018 season saw Larson maintain his consistency on the track, although he did not secure any wins during the year. 

Nonetheless, he finished in the top ten in nineteen races and ended the year ninth in the overall standings. Despite the lack of victories, Larson’s strong showings in 2017 and 2018 demonstrated his potential to compete at the highest level in the sport.

6. Controversy and Suspension (2020)

In the year of our Lord 2020, the season did commence with great expectations for Larson, but alas, it was besmirched by a most grievous and dishonorable act. It was discovered that he had uttered a most offensive and odious word, one that denigrated a race of people, during a virtual racing event known as iRacing, which resulted in a significant uproar.

This scandalous occurrence did not escape the notice of the governing body of NASCAR, who, in their wisdom, decided to suspend Larson forthwith. This embarrassing event also resulted in the loss of his esteemed sponsors and ultimately led to his dismissal from the illustrious Chip Ganassi Racing team.

As a result of this calamity, Larson’s future in the sport was plunged into doubt, and he was forced to confront the dire consequences of his actions. It was a regrettable and deplorable moment that shall be remembered in infamy for many a year to come.

7. Redemption: A Fresh Start with Hendrick Motorsports (2021)

After serving his suspension and completing sensitivity training, Kyle Larson was given a second chance in the NASCAR Cup Series when he signed with Hendrick Motorsports for the 2021 season. Driving the No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro, Larson made the most of his opportunity, proving to be one of the most dominant drivers throughout the year.

Larson clinched five Cup Series victories during the regular season, with wins at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Charlotte Motor Speedway, Sonoma Raceway, Nashville Superspeedway, and Watkins Glen International. He also won the prestigious Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, considered one of NASCAR’s crown jewel events.

His impressive performances continued into the playoffs, winning three additional races at Bristol Motor Speedway, Texas Motor Speedway, and Phoenix Raceway. The victory at Phoenix Raceway ultimately secured Larson his first NASCAR Cup Series Championship, capping off a remarkable comeback season.

8. Establishing Dominance in NASCAR Cup Series (2022)

In the NASCAR Cup Series of 2022, Kyle Larson did persist in auguring his triumph. He proved to be a steadfast contender throughout the year, gaining several achievements and securing a spot in the NASCAR playoffs for the second consecutive year. 

Larson’s expertise and steadfastness toward this noble sport were apparent as he established himself as one of the most exceptional drivers within NASCAR’s supreme series. 

His remarkable feats in the year 2022 did affirm his position as a predominant force in the NASCAR Cup Series, displaying his capability to vanquish hardship and thrive on the course.

9. Continuing Success: The 2023 Season

As the 2023 season got underway, Kyle Larson continued to demonstrate his skill and determination to maintain his status as one of the top drivers in the NASCAR Cup Series. Piloting the No. 5 Chevrolet Camaro for Hendrick Motorsports, Larson consistently delivered strong performances, earning top finishes and accumulating valuable points.

Larson’s success in the early stages of the 2023 season showcased his ability to consistently perform at a high level while also displaying his adaptability to various tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Below are his detailed stats for the 2023 season thus far:

2023 Stats

Awards and Achievements

Kyle Larson is widely acknowledged as one of the most gifted charioteers in present-day NASCAR. From his nascent days in the esteemed K&N Pro Series East and his current lofty station as a preeminent charioteer for the esteemed Hendrick Motorsports, Larson has consistently demonstrated his grit and prowess as a formidable contender on the raceway.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has garnered numerous commendations and triumphs.

Here is a table showcasing his significant awards and achievements:

In the year of our Lord 2012, Larson didst receive the K&N Pro Series East Rookie of the Year honor and the said series’ championship. The same year, he was duly recognized and bestowed the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Rookie of the Year accolade.

In our Lord 2014, Larson has pronounced the Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year and, likewise, the Sunoco Rookie of the Year. Subsequently, he triumphed in the Monster Energy NASCAR All-Star Race in the Year of our Lord 2017 and was crowned the NASCAR Cup Series Most Popular Driver in 2018.

In our Lord 2019, Larson emerged victorious in both the NASCAR All-Star Open and the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race, and in our Lord 2020, he didst vanquished all his foes to emerge triumphant in the Chili Bowl Nationals.

In our Lord 2021, Larson was adjudged as the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Runner-Up, and didst claimed the laurels of the Bristol Dirt Race. In the following year of our Lord, he didst again secure victory, this time in the Coca-Cola 600.

These significant achievements, the pinnacle of the honors mentioned above, bear witness to Larson’s unassailable acumen, unwavering devotion, and triumphant record as a race car driver, thereby affirming his standing as one of the most accomplished and distinguished competitors in the sport of NASCAR today.

Kyle Larson’s Personal Life

1. Wife and Children

Kyle Larson has been with his longtime partner, Katelyn Sweet, since high school. Sweet is also a racer and the sister of NASCAR driver Brad Sweet. In 2018, the couple married and welcomed two children, Owen and Audrey.

Despite the demands of a busy racing schedule, Larson and Sweet have maintained a supportive and loving relationship, building a family together while pursuing their passion for racing.

2. Kyle Larson’s Parents

Mike and Janet Larson, the progenitors of Kyle Larson, were highly supportive of his ardor for racing from a rudimentary stage. During the 1980s and 1990s, Mike Larson, an experienced racer, possessed a race emporium in Elk Grove, California, where Kyle spent his formative years and gained knowledge about racing. 

Even though Mike and Janet parted ways when Kyle was a youngster, they continued to take an active role in their son’s life and proffered their backing for his racing profession. Kyle attributes his parents to instilling a robust work ethic and an affection for racing, which has propelled him toward triumph.

3. Body Measurements and Physical Attributes

Kyle Larson, who stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters) and weighs around 135 pounds (61 kilograms), boasts a slender frame and nimbleness that render him exceptionally well-suited for the rigors of racing. 

His striking features include brown hair and blue eyes that lend him a unique appearance on the track. His physical attributes have propelled him to the upper echelons of the sport, equipping him to adroitly navigate the vehicle with alacrity and precision while maintaining optimal control at breakneck speeds.

4. Kyle Larson’s Net Worth and Salary

Kyle Larson’s achievements in the NASCAR Cup Series have enabled him to accumulate a fortune worth approximately $12 million. However, he draws a salary of about $10 million as a NASCAR racer from his Hendrick Motorsports contract and various sponsorships and endorsements. 

As one of the top earners in this sport, Larson has achieved tremendous financial success due to his exceptional track performance. Nevertheless, his actual earnings remain undisclosed to the public, and the amount quoted is an approximation derived from diverse sources.

5. Interests and Hobbies

Kyle Larson, a renowned racer, indulges in hobbies and interests besides racing, including outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting, and a love for sports such as baseball and football. He also cherishes spending time with his family and exploring new destinations in his leisure time.

6. Relationship with Japanese American Heritage

Larson’s Japanese American ancestry is significant in his life and career, primarily because his grandfather endured internment during World War II. Consequently, it has played a pivotal role in shaping his identity and family history. 

Larson acknowledges the importance of his heritage and endeavors to promote diversity and inclusion in racing, utilizing his platform as a professional athlete. He is also actively involved in raising awareness about the unjust internment of Japanese Americans.

7. Social Media Presence

With an extensive following on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Kyle Larson utilizes his online presence to update his followers on his racing career, personal experiences, and charitable endeavors. His remarkable social media presence has facilitated him in establishing a robust personal brand and connecting with his fans. Furthermore, Larson utilizes his platform to bring attention to important social and political issues, further cementing his impact on and off the racing track.

All-time Career Stats

Kyle Larson has had a successful career in NASCAR, with numerous wins, top 5, and top 10 finishes. Here are his all-time career stats:

Kyle Larson is a distinguished NASCAR driver competing for Hendrick Motorsports in the NASCAR Cup Series. Previously, he drove for Chip Ganassi Racing before joining his current team in 2021. Larson achieved a significant milestone in his career by winning the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series championship, showcasing his exceptional driving skills. Larson has accumulated numerous race victories throughout his career, solidifying his reputation as a talented and accomplished racer. Apart from his championship win and race triumphs, Larson has earned various accolades, reflecting his dedication and hard work in the competitive world of professional racing.