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Ryan Preece – Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Stats, Age, Height, Parents

Many NASCAR fans may be searching for up-and-coming drivers to follow and support but need help figuring out where to begin. With so many talented drivers competing in the sport, it can be overwhelming to determine who to root for.

Missing out on the chance to witness a promising driver’s journey in the NASCAR world can be disappointing, especially for those who want to be part of the excitement and growth of emerging talent.

In this blog post, we introduce Ryan Preece, a rising star in the NASCAR world, and provide an overview of his career and achievements. By learning more about Preece and following his racing journey, NASCAR fans can get in on the action and support a talented driver who could become the sport’s future star.

Early Life & Career

Ryan Preece was born on October 25, 1990, in Berlin, Connecticut, where he began to shape his passion for motorsports from a young age. Let’s delve deeper into his early career and see how he took his initial steps in racing.

Introduction to Racing

From a young age, Ryan Preece’s passion for racing was ignited. At age 6, he embarked on his first racing adventure, diving into the exhilarating world of go-karts. Even at this tender age, it was clear that Preece possessed a natural talent and a hunger for speed.

As Preece zoomed around the local circuits, his skills became the talk of the town. Racing enthusiasts and fellow competitors couldn’t help but notice his exceptional abilities on the track. His speed stood out most – he effortlessly flew past his opponents, leaving them in his dust.

But Preece’s success wasn’t solely attributed to his speed. It was his understanding of racing strategies that set him apart. Despite his young age, he possessed an innate sense of maneuvering his kart effectively, finding the optimal lines, and executing precise overtakes. He displayed remarkable adaptability, quickly adapting to different track conditions and learning from each race.

With every passing race, Preece’s driving skills continued to evolve. He honed his technique, fine-tuning his racing instincts and sharpening his reflexes. It was evident that he was destined for a successful career in racing. The early signs of his potential were undeniable.

Success in the Northeastern Midget Association

Ryan Preece’s unwavering love for racing propelled him to new heights as he ventured into the Northeastern Midget Association. Here, he faced fierce competition and thrived in a demanding environment. Preece’s natural talent and relentless drive to succeed allowed him to make an indelible mark in the association.

From the start, Preece’s aggressive driving style set him apart from his competitors. He fearlessly pushed the limits, diving into corners with precision and making daring overtakes. His on-track aggression became his signature, leaving spectators in awe of his skill and determination.

However, it wasn’t just his raw speed that made Preece a standout racer. His tactical decision-making abilities added an extra layer of depth to his driving. Whether it was strategizing the best time to make a pass or navigating through a chaotic race, Preece demonstrated remarkable racing acumen. He intuitively understood when to be patient and when to seize the opportunity, showcasing his intelligence and intuition behind the wheel.

Championship Win in SK Modified Series

As Ryan Preece’s confidence and reputation grew, he began a new chapter in his racing career by transitioning to the highly competitive SK Modified Series. In this series, Preece truly started to make a name for himself, proving that he was more than just a promising young driver – he was a genuine contender.

In 2012, Preece’s burgeoning career reached new heights when he secured the highly coveted SK Modified Championship title. This achievement was a testament to his unwavering determination, incredible talent, and relentless drive to succeed. Winning the championship was a defining moment in Preece’s early career, solidifying his status as one of the rising stars in the racing world.

The SK Modified Series is renowned for its fierce competition and talented field of drivers. Preece’s ability to navigate through such a challenging environment showcased his exceptional skills behind the wheel. He consistently demonstrated remarkable speed, precise control, and exceptional racecraft, earning him the respect of both his competitors and racing enthusiasts.

As we delve deeper into Preece’s career, we will witness how his championship win in the SK Modified Series was pivotal, propelling him towards even greater accomplishments and setting the stage for his remarkable transition to the highest echelons of NASCAR.


Embarking on a NASCAR career is no small feat, and Ryan Preece is one driver who has been turning heads since his debut. His path in NASCAR is characterized by consistent performances, remarkable agility on the track, and an indomitable spirit that makes him a fascinating figure in the sport.

Debut and Early Years in Xfinity Series

Ryan Preece debuted his racing career in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series with a relative air of humbleness, driving the No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro for Tommy Baldwin Racing in 2013. With his heart set on the checkered flag, Preece showcased a commendable performance in his first race at Loudon, earning a 24th place finish, a respectable feat for any rookie driver in this highly competitive series.

The following year, 2014, proved to be one of increased experience and growing prowess for Preece. He broadened his racing horizon by participating in many races, including a return to Loudon and a maiden run at Homestead. Showing an upward trajectory, he attained a personal best for the season, landing a 14th place finish and demonstrating his growing command on the track.

However, the true turning point in Preece’s early NASCAR career occurred in 2016 when he secured a seat with JD Motorsports. Despite JD Motorsports being regarded as a mid-pack organization in NASCAR, Preece transcended these limitations and delivered numerous impressive runs throughout the season. Exhibiting a blend of grit, talent, and determination, Preece found himself on the cusp of the inaugural Xfinity playoffs, narrowly missing the cutoff.

Progress with Joe Gibbs Racing (2017-2018)

In July 2017, Ryan Preece’s burgeoning talent in the NASCAR Xfinity Series earned him a coveted spot at Joe Gibbs Racing (JGR). His first race for the team, behind the wheel of the No. 20 Toyota Camry at Loudon, was marked by a career-best finish for him at the time, a remarkable second place. The opportunity for Preece to join JGR, one of NASCAR’s premier organizations, came via a referral from industry veteran Kevin Manion.

At JGR, Preece began to make his mark in the sport. He clinched his first career Xfinity Series race win at the Iowa Speedway. This triumph propelled him into the spotlight and earned him additional races with the team. As Preece continued to prove his mettle on the track, it became clear that he was far more than just a placeholder driver. He was fast becoming a legitimate contender.

Preece continued his part-time schedule with JGR the following year, competing in at least ten races in the No. 18 car. The season began with a solid 9th-place finish at California, and Preece quickly built momentum. A top 5 finish at Texas was followed by a triumphant win at Bristol, where he secured the $100,000 Xfinity Dash 4 Cash bonus. During this time with JGR, Preece confirmed his status as a rising star in the NASCAR world, demonstrating a level of consistency and skill that solidified his position among the sport’s elite.

Transition to JR Motorsports (2019)

When he moved to JR Motorsports, Ryan Preece’s career took another significant step forward in 2019. Preece was tapped to drive the team’s No. 8 car part-time, a role he embraced with his characteristic blend of grit and determination.

The move to JR Motorsports, a team co-owned by legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., presented a new challenge for Preece. Despite the intermittent nature of his schedule, the Connecticut native made his presence felt on the track in every race he contested.

Preece competed in four events for JR Motorsports throughout the 2019 season. Each race showcased his exceptional consistency and tenacity, culminating in a top ten finish every time. Whether battling it out at the front of the pack or working his way through from further back, Preece demonstrated an uncanny ability to make the most of every situation.

This ability to deliver strong results, irrespective of the circumstances, is a testament to Preece’s racing acumen. Despite the sporadic nature of his schedule, Preece’s performances on the track continued to enhance his burgeoning reputation within the sport.

Full-time Engagement with JTG Daugherty Racing (2019-2021)

Ryan Preece’s career took another exciting turn in 2019 when he transitioned to a full-time NASCAR Cup Series competition. This transition occurred with Preece driving for JTG Daugherty Racing, a well-established team with a long-standing presence in the NASCAR Cup Series. Preece was allowed to pilot the No. 47 Chevrolet Camaro, a task he took on with an electrifying mix of enthusiasm and determination.

His first race was nothing short of the “Great American Race” – the Daytona 500. It’s a stage that brings forth a mixture of anticipation, excitement, and jitters, even among seasoned drivers. Preece, however, demonstrated exceptional calmness and fortitude, finishing an impressive eighth in his Daytona 500 debut.

His tenure with JTG Daugherty Racing from 2019 to 2021 proved that Preece was more than just a competent driver. Over these three years, he became a fixture on the circuit, exhibiting an unbeatable combination of tenacity and grit that quickly made him a mainstay at JTG Daugherty Racing.

While a Cup Series victory was elusive during his time with JTG, Preece’s performance was far from underwhelming. He racked up impressive finishes, consistently landing in the top 10, thereby demonstrating his potential to be a competitive NASCAR Cup Series driver. These performances weren’t just mere flashes in the pan – they showed that Preece had the skills, determination, and consistency to compete and thrive at NASCAR’s highest level. His time at JTG Daugherty Racing helped solidify his position in the Cup Series and set the stage for his next big career move – to Stewart-Haas Racing in 2023.

Move to Stewart-Haas Racing (2023)

In a significant development in the career trajectory of Ryan Preece, the 2023 season saw him make a bold move to Stewart-Haas Racing. This organization is renowned as one of NASCAR’s premier teams, boasting a rich history of success and a strong roster of talented drivers. Here, Preece took over the wheel of the No. 10 Ford Mustang – a pivotal move that signaled both recognition and faith in his potential by such a respected team.

This transfer represented more than just a team switch. It was a testament to Preece’s hard work, perseverance, and commitment over the years. His journey from a modest start in the Xfinity Series to becoming part of a top-tier organization in the NASCAR Cup Series is an inspiring story of resilience and grit. It’s proof that perseverance, determination, and talent can lead to remarkable places.

Although the 2023 season was still in its early stages at the time of this writing, Preece’s performances with Stewart-Haas Racing were already turning heads. He adapted quickly to his new environment and seamlessly integrated into the team’s dynamics, showcasing his potential for greatness within the sport. With each race, Preece continued to validate Stewart-Haas Racing’s faith in his abilities, demonstrating impressive speed and showing that he has what it takes to compete at the highest level of NASCAR.

In this dynamic and challenging sport, change is a constant. But as Preece has shown, it can often lead to new opportunities and great achievements. It will be fascinating to see how his journey with Stewart-Haas Racing unfolds over the rest of the 2023 season and beyond.

2023 Current Season Stats

The 2023 season has already proven to be an exciting and transformative period for Ryan Preece. Despite some challenging starting positions, Preece has consistently demonstrated his racing prowess and an uncanny knack for climbing up through the field. Let’s take a moment to recap his performances so far in the current season.

Here’s a snapshot of Preece’s journey through the season as of the latest race at World Wide Technology Raceway:

Busch Light Clash 16 7 0 0
Duel 2 at DAYTONA 8 10 1 0
Daytona International Speedway 20 36 10 0
Auto Club Speedway 27 33 4 0
Las Vegas Motor Speedway 31 23 14 0
Phoenix Raceway 25 12 25 0
Atlanta Motor Speedway 24 28 9 0
Circuit of The Americas 26 32 6 0
Richmond Raceway 33 18 19 0
Bristol Motor Speedway Dirt 8 24 20 0
Martinsville Speedway 1 15 32 1
Talladega Superspeedway 16 34 9 0
Dover Motor Speedway 30 17 20 0
Kansas Speedway 28 27 10 0
Darlington Raceway 32 15 22 0
North Wilkesboro Speedway 8 4 0 0
Charlotte Motor Speedway 22 13 24 0
World Wide Technology Raceway 29 17 20 0

Some notable highlights of Preece’s 2023 season thus far include a 7th place finish at the Busch Light Clash and a phenomenal 4th place finish at the North Wilkesboro Speedway. His performance at Martinsville Speedway is also noteworthy, where he started from pole position and managed to finish in 15th place, scoring valuable points.

From this point forward, Preece will continue to work hard, honing his skills and seeking to further refine his performances as he competes in some of the most challenging circuits NASCAR offers. Keep an eye out for updates because this driver shows no signs of slowing down.

All Time NASCAR Career Stats

As we delve into Ryan Preece’s NASCAR career, it’s important to appreciate the scale of his journey, from his debut in 2013 to his current exploits in the 2023 season. The overall statistics tell a story of growth, resilience, and tenacity.

Let’s examine his all-time NASCAR career stats to date:

2.023 26 0 0 0 1 141 2.347,00 2.293,00
2.022 18 1 7 9 1 125 83,00 46,00
2.022 55 0 0 0 0 0 195,00 31,00
2.022 82 0 1 2 0 10 12,00 9,00
2.021 27 0 1 4 0 12 2.403,00 2.278,00
2.021 94 1 1 2 0 8 7,00 5,00
2.020 29 0 0 2 0 12 2.544,00 2.433,00
2.019 26 0 1 3 0 1 2.436,00 2.306,00
2.019 85 0 1 4 0 0 725,00 725,00
2.018 21 1 7 10 0 53 933,00 1.227,00
2.017 29 1 4 4 1 165 35,00 3,00
2.016 17 0 0 1 0 3 2.306,00 2.297,00
2.015 44 0 0 0 0 0 40,00 37,00
2.014 53 0 0 0 0 0 275,00 21,00
2.013 72 0 0 0 0 0 27,00 24,00

From these stats, we can see a clear trend of consistent improvement over time, marked by an increasing number of wins, Top 5s, and Top 10s. Preece’s average starting and finishing positions have also significantly improved, demonstrating his progression as a driver.

His 2022 season was especially noteworthy. He achieved his best series rank, finished first in a race, made the top 5 seven times, and the top 10 nine times. His pole position and the number of laps led highlighted his growing prowess on the track.

As we follow his career into 2023, we can look forward to watching Preece leverage his experience and skills to further enhance his performance.

Notable Wins and Achievements

Preece has had several notable wins and achievements throughout his career, demonstrating his competitive nature and strong racing skills. Let’s take a closer look at some of his most impressive feats on the track:

  • First Xfinity Series Win (2017): Preece clinched his first career Xfinity race win at Iowa Speedway in 2017, driving for Joe Gibbs Racing. This was a significant moment for Preece, establishing him as a serious competitor in the Xfinity Series.
  • Daytona 500 Debut (2019): Making his debut in the prestigious Daytona 500 in 2019, Preece delivered an impressive performance. Driving the No. 47 Chevrolet Camaro for JTG Daugherty Racing, he finished 8th in what’s known as the “Great American Race.”
  • Consistent Top-10 Finishes (2019): Preece competed in four events for JR Motorsports in 2019. Each race resulted in a top-10 finish, demonstrating his consistency and capability as a driver.
  • First Pole Position (2023): Preece secured his first pole position in 2023, driving the No. 10 Ford Mustang for Stewart-Haas Racing. This achievement highlights Preece’s speed and skill and marks an important milestone in his NASCAR Cup Series career.

It’s these victories and high-ranking finishes that define Preece’s career to date. They underscore his talent as a NASCAR driver and foreshadow his potential for further success.

Challenges and Controversies

No career is without its challenges and controversies, and Preece’s is no exception. While Preece has experienced numerous highlights, he’s also faced a few bumps. However, how he’s managed to navigate these challenges truly sets him apart as a competitor.

One such challenge came during the 2023 season, when Preece was involved in a controversial incident on the track, resulting in a crash. Despite this setback, Preece displayed sportsmanship and professionalism, addressing the issue directly and focusing on moving forward.

Another challenge for Preece was the 2022 season, where despite having a strong start with a win, he finished the season with a series rank of 55 and a lower-than-usual average start and finish. The year proved to be a test of resilience for Preece, who managed to bounce back in the following season.

Preece’s grit, determination, and ability to rise above the setbacks and keep pushing forward makes him a real competitor in the sport of NASCAR.

Future Prospects in NASCAR

Looking ahead, the future seems bright for Ryan Preece. With the backing of Stewart-Haas Racing and the experience he’s gained throughout his career, Preece is well-positioned to continue improving his performance on the track.

His move to Stewart-Haas Racing in 2023 offers him a fresh opportunity to showcase his talent. Early indicators, such as his pole position and laps led, suggest that Preece is settling well into his new team and making the most of this opportunity.

Moreover, Preece’s steady progression over the years, marked by consistent improvements in ranking and finishes, indicates a driver with potential for further growth. While the journey won’t be without its challenges, Preece’s tenacity and resilience suggest that he’s more than ready to tackle them head-on.

Ryan Preece’s Personal Life

Wife and Children

Ryan Preece, a well-established American professional stock car racing driver, is happily married to Heather DesRochers. After dating for several years, the couple tied the knot in a private wedding ceremony in 2017. They first met at the Stafford Motor Speedway in 2009, a meeting that blossomed into a long-lasting relationship​​. 

Heather, like Ryan, is a racing driver and a participant in NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity. They even competed against each other in the SK Modified Series in 2011, where Preece won the championship, and Desrochers was honored as the Rookie of the Year. Despite being married for over six years, the couple has not yet welcomed any children into their family​.

Ryan Preece’s Parents

Hailing from the quaint town of Berlin, Connecticut, Ryan Jeffrey Preece is a revered name in the world of NASCAR. Born to Jeff Preece and his wife, Ryan is one of three children in the family. Despite his high-profile career, he has consciously kept his family life under wraps. While the roars of the engines and the cheering crowds make up the soundtrack of his professional life, the details of his personal one are a sweet melody that he keeps to himself.

Ryan hasn’t divulged much about his parents and siblings, maintaining a firm boundary between his public and private life. This level of privacy reflects his deep respect and care for his family. It’s a delicate balance that Ryan has achieved, being a celebrated race car driver in the public eye and a devoted son and brother in his private life. 

A testament to his character, Ryan Preece is not just a professional racing driver but a man who values his family’s privacy in a world that thrives on publicity.

Body Measurements and Physical Attributes

A titan in the world of NASCAR, Ryan Preece has built his reputation not just on his skill and strategy but also on his physical endurance. Towering at 6’0″ (six feet) and maintaining a weight of around 70 kg (154 lbs), Preece’s physical attributes align perfectly with the demands of his profession.

Motor racing isn’t just about the machine; the driver’s body also plays a crucial role. They need to withstand extreme G-forces, cope with high temperatures, and maintain sharp focus for prolonged periods, all while maneuvering their vehicle at breakneck speeds. Preece’s height and weight lend him the ideal balance of agility, strength, and endurance necessary for a racing driver.

The lean, muscular build that comes with his 70 kg weight and his 6’0″ height allows him to remain flexible and reactive in the tight confines of a race car cockpit. In the physically demanding world of NASCAR, Preece stands as a testament to the power of physical fitness in achieving professional success.

Net Worth and Salary

With a successful career in racing, Preece has accumulated a net worth of over $2 million. He earns an annual salary of $500,000 from his contract with CDM Sports. Besides, he has also earned considerable amounts from various racing events throughout his career, testifying to his prowess and popularity in the racing world​​.

Interests and Hobbies

Ryan’s interests primarily revolve around racing. He still races part-time in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, where he first made his name and won the series title in 2013. He has amassed 25 wins, with three of those coming in the most recent season​. Recently, he took on a somewhat unusual role in NASCAR, becoming a reserve driver for Stewart-Haas Racing. This opportunity allows him not only to contribute to the team but also to learn from all the drivers and former drivers on the team​​.

Charitable Work and Philanthropy

Outside the racetrack, Preece is involved in charity work. He has participated in Stafford Motor Speedway’s Annual CARQUEST Champions For Charities Event to support the Connecticut chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Preece successfully raised $5,000 for the cause and aims to raise even more in the future​.

Social Media Presence

Ryan Preece has developed a dynamic social media presence, using various platforms to engage with fans around the globe. He has a substantial following on Twitter, where his follower count surpasses 70K. Similarly, his Instagram and Facebook accounts are also highly popular, garnering around 28K and 52K followers respectively.

On these platforms, Preece frequently shares behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life off the track, providing fans exclusive insight into his day-to-day activities. He uses social media to share updates about his professional life and interact directly with his fan base, fostering a sense of community and connection. Whether posting about his latest race, answering fan questions, or sharing snapshots of his personal life, Preece’s social media platforms offer a rich, engaging, and interactive experience for all who follow him.

Wrapping Up Thought

Ryan Preece’s journey as a driver exemplifies the power of passion and perseverance. His unwavering commitment, combined with his ability to connect with fans, makes him an inspiring figure. Preece’s relentless pursuit of excellence and down-to-earth nature create a strong bond with his supporters. 

As we look to the future, we can’t help but anticipate the remarkable feats he will achieve. With the backing of his loyal fans, Preece will continue to leave a lasting impact on the racing world. His story reminds us that dreams can become reality with hard work and a genuine connection to those who believe in us. Ryan Preece is a true testament to the possibilities that lie within the realm of possibility.